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Ocean Science has developed a series of natural product derived anti-foulant coating for marine paint manufacturers, for the purpose of preventing accumulations of aquatic organisms on submerged surfaces. Attachment of aquatic organisms on man-made surfaces (such as ship hulls, oil platforms, fishnets/cages, pipelines) is commonly referred to as biofouling and costs the billions of dollars of maritime industries annually. Ocean Science aims to develop antifouling coating products that use non-toxic antifoulants as biocides that are natural product derived, effective, suitable for long-term usage and economical to produce.

Company short description

From the sea, for the sea.

Nature of business

Ocean Science will focus on the marine anti-fouling coating market.

Business model

Ocean Science will generate revenues by licensing the use of its anti-foulant to marine paint manufacturers or in collaboration with marine coating industries in other means.

Marketing opportunities

The global market for marine anti-fouling coatings has large potential, with an annual growth rate of 12.23%, growing to US$ 120 billion (bn) by 2020.

Invention name


Invention description

At the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Prof. Pei-Yuan Qian has been leading a team of scientists to explore the environmentally safe, effective antifoulants from natural products. In 2010, we discovered five structurally similar antifouling compounds that were isolated from the crude extract of a marine bacterial (Streptomyces strain obtained from deep-sea sediments). Our follow-up work on the relationship between chemical structures and antifouling activities has led to the identification of the 2-furanone ring and the lipophilicity as main factors of the antifouling activities. Based on our results, we designed and synthesized a simple structure of compound (named butenolide) via a simple step, which can solve the problem of mass production of compounds at cost-effective means. This butenolide retained the furanone ring structure, and has a straight alkyl side chain, which could make this butenolide even more lipophilic than all the previous compounds. The laboratory bioassays and field tests showed the butenolide has very good antifouling activity against all three fouling larval species. The EC50 values were much lower compared to the previous compounds and have a large LC50/EC50 value, indicating it is highly effective and has low toxicity.

Highlight of the technology

Unique product: non-toxic (absolutely environmentally friendly), effective, suitable for long-term usage and economical to produce.



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Website: www.Oceanscience.hk
Telephone no.:95159336
Email address:info@Oceanscience.hk

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Rm3609,Entrepreneurship Center, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, KL, HK.