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Entrepreneurship Minor

Entrepreneurship Minor Program

HKUST offers the Entrepreneurship Minor program to all undergraduate students. This program aims at:

  • Cultivating a risk-taking value-creation mindset
  • Building skills, character and mindset
  • Enhancing hands-on experience and team-work to pursue entrepreneurship
  • Identifying startup critical stages and activities from 0 to 1 (creating something new), and then from 1 to infinity

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Mphill in TLE

MPhil Program in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TLE)

This Program specifically addresses students' development in technology innovation, leadership skills and capability for entrepreneurship and will:

  • Provide students with interdisciplinary opportunities;
  • Cultivate students to become top engineers, managers, entrepreneurs or even founders of rising enterprises at the forefront of the innovative technology apart from the traditional research route; and
  • Provide training opportunities for students who are interested in working in the industry/commercial sector or starting their own companies with high-end technologies.

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