Research Resources

Faculty Profile & Research Expertise

HKUST is a resource of great human and technological potential which can serve inside the classroom as well as Hong Kong, the Asian Region and the world outside. The fine faculty and senior staff we have recruited from all over the world and the central and interdepartmental research units we have established are ready to be in collaboration with industry and business to participate in leading-edge fundamental and applied research. Our professional experience and expertise can therefore be brought to bear immediately and efficiently to solve problems of business, industry and the public.

Research @ HKUST 

HKUST has a clear positioning as a focused elite research and education institution with an international outlook, emphasizing interdisciplinary studies, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. The University’s achievements in research and innovation encompass world-class knowledge breakthroughs, as well as business, industry and government partnerships which facilitate the transformation of discoveries into novel technologies and solutions.HKUST has built on its strengths to move into a position of global leadership and exert maximum influence in the following five areas of strategic focus: 

These disciplines have been carefully selected for their scientific significance and potential to add value to the social and economic development of Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta region and beyond.

Research Institutes & Centers

HKUST’s multi-disciplinary research institutes were established to conduct multi-disciplinary research programs at HKUST. They do not only play a role in facilitating broad interdisciplinary research collaboration, but also help promote mission-oriented research in areas critical to Hong Kong’s economy.

Central Research Facilities

From its inception, HKUST has recognized the need to provide advanced and effectively managed research equipment and facilities to support the research and development activities carried out by faculty, students and staff. The HKUST Central Research Facilities under the management of VPRD constitute a major portion of the R & D infrastructure at HKUST and are available to external researchers and engineers in academia and industry.