Knowledge Transfer at HKUST

Organization Structure


HKUST has a well-established system, policies and processes to support knowledge transfer (KT) activities at different stage of development through the Office of Knowledge Transfer (OKT), the Entrepreneurship Center (EC), and the HKUST R and D Corporation Ltd. (RDC). To further enhance the culture and practice of KT and improve coordination within the whole University, the new position of Associate Vice-President for Knowledge Transfer (AVP-KT) has been established since April 2014 and retitled to Associate Vice-President for Research and Development (Knowledge Transfer) (AVP-RD(KT)) since April 2022.

The AVP-RD(KT) oversees the OKT, EC and RDC and is charged to facilitate, promote, and support knowledge transfer through integration with our education and research programs, to empower faculty and to nurture students for making positive and significant impact to society via knowledge transfer.

The KT Units

Office of Knowledge Transfer (OKT)

OKT assists the Associate Vice-President for Research and Development (Knowledge Transfer) [AVP-RD(KT)] in Knowledge Transfer (KT) strategic planning, implementation of KT missions, governance of KT operations, and oversees the Entrepreneurship Center (EC). It coordinates among Industry and HKUST’s Schools and Interdisciplinary Programs Office, Research Institutes and KT units, to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship.

OKT serves as a bridge between the HKUST research community and industry to bring University’s research output into new products and services. It identifies commercial potential from inventions, formulates intellectual properties (IP) to motivate industry to invest in HKUST technologies, incubates technologies by managing various funding programs, and supports University‐Industry Collaboration and start‐up companies. It also optimizes translational research opportunities to propel Hong Kong and the region to innovate, with a focus on managing three mission-oriented Joint Research Units, namely HKUST‐Bright Dream Robotics Joint Research Institute (HBJRI), HKUST‐Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI), & HKUST Collaborative Innovation Center (HCIC) to establish the development projects to address industry needs based on HKUST technology and capabilities.

Entrepreneurship Center (EC)

EC cultivates students’ entrepreneurial spirit by providing non‐credit bearing experiential learning. EC organizes workshops, seminars, entrepreneurship programs and competitions, manages seed funds disbursement, offers student advising, and fills up gaps between student entrepreneurs and faculty with technologies. It also collaborates with key partners within and outside HKUST, including HKUST’s Mainland platforms to recognize and award entrepreneurial potentials.

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HKUST R and D Corporation Ltd (RDC)

RDC(HK) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University to serve as the business arm of the University to manage contract research and service projects, License agreement, Entrepreneurship Program, shareholding of HKUST start‐up companies, and provide accounting, HR and procurement services.

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Knowledge Transfer at HKUST


The systems and processes by which knowledge, including technology, know-how, expertise and skills are transferred between HKUST and society, leading to innovative, profitable or economic or social improvements.


We foster a university-wide culture of Knowledge Transfer to advance societal impact.


To be the exemplary institution in Knowledge Transfer for the best talents to congregate and collaborate while maintaining academic rigor and integrity.