AIEgen Biotech Co. Ltd.

Company Information

AIEgen Biotech Co. is a company producing and selling proprietary specialty chemicals with Aggregation-Induced Emission (AIE) characteristics for applications such as bio-imaging. AIE phenomenon associated with an uncommon luminogen system was first discovered in 2001 by Prof Ben Zhong Tang, the Chief Scientific Advisor of the company. Varieties of AIE materials have been developed at HKUST since then that have the properties of strong emission upon aggregation, high resistance to UV excitation, anti-photobleaching, high resolution in cell imaging, highly sensitive at solid state, etc. AIEgen Biotech is the first company that has licensed patents from HKUST and brings AIE based solutions to resolve the problems of commercial fluorescent materials that are weak or not emissive in solid state or high concentration, low resistance to excitation, easily get photo-bleaching and low resolution.



Rm 7142, Department of Chemistry, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, NT