AuVi Entertainment Inc. Limited

Nature of Business

WiFi Audio, IP Box, streaming music and video, APPS together with hardware and software development

Company Short Description

Auvi revolutionizes the industry by transforming traditional music listening into trendy music-tainment.
Auvi is a seasoned company with ready customers (orders), products & Apps, and breakthrough technology that brings you the true “lossless” music by perfecting the HRA (High Resolution Audio) specification and is the ultimate online-to-offline (O2O) activator of digital music!

Business Model

Selling IC, licensing IP , BIG data , advertisement and App

Highlight of the Technology

Auvi has successfully developed a proprietary conversion algorithm along with its proprietary APU (Auvi Processing Unit) – together called Auvi Inside® – that is able to convert 100% of the HD music in the Cloud to any device or system.


Mr. Minky Lam