2024 HKUST SENG-BICI Entrepreneurship PhD Program

- Application Closed -

2024-25 prospective PhD students of School of Engineering (SENG) are cordially invited to apply for the 2024 HKUST SENG-BICI Entrepreneurship PhD Program. The program is jointly offered by the HKUST School of Engineering and the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI), administrated by the HKUST Collaborative Innovation Center (HCIC). Admitted students will be mentored by supervisors of both HKUST and BICI. Students who meet the degree requirements of HKUST will be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree by HKUST, and be awarded a Certificate of Innovatician by BICI in fulfilling the relevant requirements of BICI. 

1)    Program Title  

HKUST SENG-BICI Entrepreneurship PhD Program, Entrepreneurship PhD Program in short thereafter. 

2)    Key Technology Areas 

         - Photoelectric Technology 
         - Environmental and Resources Engineering#
         - Materials Engineering 
         - Intelligent Manufacturing 
         - Biomedical Engineering 
         - Any relevant interdisciplinary fields  

# Environmental and Resources Engineering currently focuses on water pollution control, water resources recycling, intelligent environmental detection/monitoring technology, and green biomanufacturing technology for high-priced substances.

3)    Admission 

The program will commence in September 2024 and accept 10 students in 2024-25 academic year.  

4)    Admission Criteria 

Prospective students for the Entrepreneurship PhD Program shall be recruited jointly by HKUST and BICI, and shall meet the admission requirements of both, including the English language proficiency requirements of HKUST. Interested students may submit their application to HCIC. HKUST will shortlist candidates in accordance with the regular admission criteria of the Key Technology Areas, whereas BICI will conduct innovation ability assessments. Applicants who pass the assessments will be admitted to the 2024 Entrepreneurship PhD Program.


One’s admission status to HKUST will not be impacted if they are not admitted to the 2024 Entrepreneurship PhD Program.  

5) Registration and Residency Requirement  

The intended program duration is 4 academic years. Students are required to register as a full-time research postgraduate student at HKUST during their doctoral study period and to meet HKUST’s minimum residency requirement. Students are required to spend half of their time resident at HKUST and half at BICI (normally in Beijing and/or Guangzhou).  

6)    Mode of Study  

Students in the program will follow the curriculum of their registered program with HKUST for their study and carry out research under the supervision of the advisor at HKUST. BICI offers innovation and entrepreneurship courses, including but not limited to innovative entrepreneurial methodology courses and innovative entrepreneurial practical training based on real projects, to develop students’ entrepreneurial spirit. The actual arrangements will be subject to prior consent between the advisors of HKUST and BICI.   

7)    Assessment and Degree Award 

Students shall adhere to the curriculum, and meet the degree requirements of HKUST in order to be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree by HKUST, and be awarded a Certificate of Innovatician by BICI in fulfilling the relevant requirements of BICI. On the Certificate of Innovatician and transcript issued by BICI, a statement to reflect the award is the result of the Entrepreneurship PhD Program between BICI and HKUST will be inserted as a special note to show that the award is under a joint program. Similarly, to indicate the joint training nature of the award, a statement to the same effect will be inserted on the HKUST official transcript.   

8)    Financial Support  

BICI will provide scholarship to the admitted students for up to 4 years. During the student’s study period at HKUST in Hong Kong, BICI will provide scholarships in accordance with the standard HKUST Postgraduate Studentship (PGS) rate. During the residency at BICI or BICI’s designated project locations, the scholarships will be granted by BICI according to the regulation policies of BICI.   

9)     Tuition  

Students are required to pay the appropriate tuition and miscellaneous student fees as required by HKUST and BICI during the program. They are also responsible for all lodging and travel costs, study and living expenses, application fees, visa fees, and insurance fees incurred for the Entrepreneurship PhD Program.  

10)    Application Procedure 

The deadline for application is by 4 April 2024 (Thursday), 23:59

Interested applicants must communicate fully with the intended supervisor (who should be affiliated with the School of Engineering) and obtain his/her consent in advance before submitting application materials. Faculty members of School of Engineering could be found at https://seng.hkust.edu.hk/about/our-People/faculty . 

Applicants should complete the Application Form in Simplified Chinese and submit 1) the completed Application Form, 2) graduation certificates and academic transcripts, 3) your resume in both English and Simplified Chinese and 4) English level certificate of TOEFL/IELTS (filenames should be in English), via https://ust.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0xn4c0d7rSSDG06 by 4 April 2024 (Thursday).

Also, please check the admission procedure and timeline of HKUST (for 2024/25 Fall Intake) at https://pg.ust.hk/prospective-students/admissions/Admission-to-Hong-Kong-Campus/admission-timeline.  

11)    Contacts and Useful Links

HKUST Collaborative Innovation Center (HCIC): 

Ms Tong      hcic@ust.hk                    (852) 2358 6931 


Teaching Department, Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI): 

Ms He      icollege@jingjinji.cn          (86) 10 6097 6577 


Admission to HKUST PhD Programs:  


Submission of Application Documents:


(Notes: please bookmark the above hyperlink for submitting your application documents to HCIC by the deadline.) 

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12)    Important Document


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